Leadership Workshop / Manager as Coach

While executive coaching is an extremely effective mechanism for individual development, it is also expensive and inappropriate when it comes to addressing the leadership development needs of large numbers of middle and junior managers. This is where the "Manager as Coach" becomes relevant. Every manager must learn the skills of coaching to help enhance his / her leadership style. Managers are trained and supported to adopt a coaching oriented style of management through the "Manager as Coach" model of CFI.

During the coaching conversations the coach realises that there are some conceptual clarity which is required or when there is a large group of managers aspiring for leadership positions, leadership workshops may be of great use.

Some ways to look at these workshops are-

  • An intervention approach that helps sustenance of learning and application at workplace. Post a diagnostic we cluster the needs in three buckets viz-managing self, managing others (team members, key customers & also your superior) and managing business.
  • STEEP is an interesting leadership workshop focussing on two critical cluster of competencies---‘strategic thinking’ and ‘execution excellence’. This is a two days case study based signature workshop.