Performance Coaching

There are at least four major types of coaching which include: Life Skills Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Manager as Coach.
Business coaching, Executive coaching and the Manager as Coach have relevance to the business environment and therefore form the major focus and primary offering of the CEO Coach Accreditation Program of CFI.

Life skills coaching

The concept of life skills coaching preceded that of business and executive coaching.

Life skills coaching, was developed in New York in 1960's. This was first introduced by Dr. Winthdrop Adkins and Dr. Sidney Rosenberg*

Life skills coaching, has infiltrated into the corporate sector and it has become part of everyday vocabulary.

It has evolved into an individual relationship between a coach and a coachee to bring about life transforming experiences. Life skills coaching is all about clarifying values and visions, setting goals and new actions so that an individual may lead a more satisfying and fulfilling life*

Examples of life skills coaching include partnership coaching, retirement coaching, singles coaching, spiritual development coaching, migrant transitions coaching, fitness coaching, wellness coaching, career coaching and quality of life coaching such as balancing life and work*

Benefits of life skills coaching include*

  • Clarifying what you want from life - your purpose and vision.
  • Setting more effective goals.
  • Having someone on your side to support and encourage you on your journey of change.
  • Having someone to keep your focused, challenge you, keep you accountable and confront you when you are falling behind on your commitments.
  • Having a sounding board for your ideas, plans and strategies.


Most leaders and managers get caught up in a tug of war of competing priorities, goals and short-term targets, yet coaching should never be seen as “another task to do”. Furthermore, organisations often just focus on coaching skills and forget about the relationship and the mindset. Yet properly optimising the performance of others will lead to changes in performance and behaviour.

Performance Coaching puts coaching into context for leaders. Practical and business focused, Coaching for Performance gives leaders the tools to build on their current skills, and the knowledge and experience to coach individuals and teams to achieve successful organisational and cultural change.

Have you ever wondered why so many organisations want to develop a coaching culture but never quite get there?

Have you heard of organisations that send their leaders and managers on a two-day coaching skills course but see only a small percentage developing it as a style?

This two day in class workshop is only 20% didactic and 80% participant led.This is followed by 3 to 5 tele coaching calls of study budies and finally a success presentation by the new coaches.

Performance Coaching case study-

A large Multinational Pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai-


This transformation of managerial culture from administrating and telling to monitoring and guiding, required a change of perspective to flow down from the senior managers across the organization.

To achieve the above vision – Top 100 leaders were identified who could be transformed into future coaches.


TISS-LeapVault CLO Award: 2014 “Coaching/Mentoring Program”
World Coaching Congress – Best in Class Coaching Leadership Awards : 2014
“Coaching Organization of the Year


  • Current Attrition à 34% overall v/s 20% attrition for Coaches and 15% for Coachees
  • Retention of Coaches- 80% Retention of coachees- 85%