Transition Coaching

Situations like new role, a layoff or perhaps considering a career change.Or maybe something more personal, like relocating, or going through a divorce or a mom at home wanting to get back to work can be sometimes challenging.

Many newly placed executives fail within their first two years in the position for reasons ranging from their inability to adjust to a new culture and develop strong relationships to a lack of understanding of the business imperatives.

We need to support people through transitions, giving them coaching and training to learn new skills and gain confidence.

Unlike executive coaching, transition coaching is time-bound and short-term.

The transition coach will be working with the individual to:

  • diagnose the situation;
  • discover the strategies and approaches taken in the past;
  • develop a customised approach to the transition.

The coach will work with the individual, and offer guidelines and tools to help meet the challenges and create an action plan tailored to the individual's needs.

Transition coaching focuses on the process that people go through as they undergo their own life-shifts. It seeks to provide them with support, sharing, a sounding board, encouragement, questioning, goal-development, diverse planning and the like. The transition process involves two components - the physical changes and the psychological changes.